About Slutist

a sex-positive feminist blog that features performers, activists and artists

The Process

Sometimes patch-ups are not enough

Before & After

From overlapping stylesheet hell to a customized WordPress theme


The Process

I started by doing small changes for the site. I did a few quick css patch-ups (like fixing the navigation padding so all the links fit) and updated plugins. Still, the site crashed anytime WordPress updated (with that infamous White Screen of Death). It was clear that along with some style updates, the site needed a complete overhaul.

Photoshop sketches

Before & After

The first order of business was making the site responsive because it was hard to read Slutist articles on mobile devices. After playing with some ideas in Photoshop. I started talking to Kristen (Slutist founder) about the site's biggest challenges. I built the prototype locally, deployed a development version. After two months of working out key elements, I arrived at a magazine-style grid layout.


Before Before Redesign
After After Redesign