Justina Villanueva

Learning Plans

Launch Date: June 2018

Client: BigSpring (learning app)

Goal: make content assignment easy and simple

My Role: lead discussion sessions, worked with product to create communication materials and corresponded with engineers

Who else was involved: Product Manager, Head of Content

Our challenge was to find a solution that would work for all types of companies, despite not having a client-facing cms. Building the cms was on the roadmap. But the client’s clients needed a way to assign large chunks of content to thousands of people.

How we did it

We knew we wanted to think of many types of use-cases so that we wouldn't be locked into something that only worked for one type of company. I created a user story template and collaborated with the head of content to learn about how she had previously created learning programs for a range of companies.

We turned those stories into a spreadsheet format. We realized that "phases" could become "tracks" in the first version of this feature. In the future, tracks could be scheduled or time-based (track 2 could be distributed 30 days after completing track 1).

Then we transferred the story-fied version of those spreadsheets into a template version. We mapped out different scenarios so that we could decide what we should do in those outlier use-cases. For instance, if a person is assigned two learning plans and they share some of the same content, does the person have to complete the duplicate assignments?

The result

Here's where we landed: companies export a list of their user's unique ids. Then they the learning plan id(s) to the second column. They email that list to an address that is linked to Zapier, which is also hooked up to the database. An hour or two later, thousands of people receive new learning materials.

Even though this is not a beautiful ui solution, it's gotten the job done efficiently. It has also bought us more time to learn about what is working so that we can eventually build a Dribbble-ready company dashboard that is well-informed by the people who will use it.

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